Love Is In the Air...

February is around the corner and as usual we're starting to brain storm the Valentine's Day ideas. There is 'no candy' policy in my daughters school - which I'm totally in support of- so it gets a little difficult but we give ourselves some time to think and pick some easy craft. In the past we had a tradition of melting old crayons and turning them into hearts. We loved it but we didn't want to repeat it each year. I actually thought I posted a tutorial how to make them but I can't find it so...explanation below. Last year I bought a bunch of heart shape balloons and we attached to them tags that said ' Love is in the air'. Apparently my kids friends loved it!

Here are some ideas we have so far for this years Valentine's Day. I think we are going to make some cards and pick something from the Amazon website- year by year we need bigger quantities of Valentine's gifts.

1. ' YOU MAKE THE WORLD SPARKLE' -  sending tiny bottles of glitter for all the crafty kids maybe a big hit.

2. 'YOU MAKE ME FEEL BETTER' - Valentine Day card that includes fancy bandages.

3. 'YOU RULE' - Your little one may become the teacher's pet after handing these rulers out.

4. 'WE MAKE A GREAT PAIR' - Take a walk through the dollar store or a dollar section at Target and gather up as many pairs of socks as possible.

5. 'WHOOPEE! IT'S VALENTINES DAY!' - You may want to check with your kids teacher before handing out mini whoopee cushions but this could be a very fun idea!

6. 'YOU ARE A CUTIE!' - healthy, easy and right on the budget idea of sending cuties with this little note.

7. 'I GOT MY EYES ON YOU!'- Right on time for spring! Send the whole class heart shape sunglasses.

8. 'YOU 'QUACK' ME UP!' - Who doesn't like the rubber ducks? Especially in the Valentine's Day colors and patterns.


The most time consuming part of this project is probably the peeling of the paper but my kids loved it and it gave them something to do for a couple of long winter nights. The crayons need to be broken into small pieces and placed in the baking pan- preferably heart shape. I found this one above in the World Market. Bake in the oven at 250F for 20 minutes or until crayons are completely melted. Wait for the heart to harden.