Almost exactly a year ago I had an morning appointment to see my midwife. I was 39 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby boy any day. I had a few mild Braxton hicks here and there but nothing that would take me to the hospital. I treated the day like any other. In my agenda I had a visit to my midwife and shopping at Trader Joe's. At my midwife's visit I found out that the baby would probably show up later in the evening or the day after- I was almost 3 cm dilated. I called my husband, shared the news with him and asked if he could pick up the girls from summer camp and have his parents come out because we will probably go to the hospital in the evening. When driving to Trader Joe's I was thinking  how wonderful it will be to meet my son and get to hold him in my arms ...SO SOON!! In the store things took a sudden turn. My contractions were getting stronger and becoming more frequent. My husband and the girls got home almost at the same time as I arrived. When they got home they found the groceries right in the middle of the living room and me getting my hospital bag and slowly walking through the contractions. Things were definitely progressing quicker than I thought. Right away we called our emergency contact to stay with the girls but that didn't worked out either. My water broke right then in the middle of dining room. That had never happened with either of my daughters. My kids were watching me in shock and amaze, just stunned by what was happening. My husband gathered all my things, loaded everyone into the car and we took off to the hospital. 

We were heading downtown at 1 pm.... There was SO much traffic and I kept thinking how in the world are we going to make it to the hospital on time ? The baby was coming.... I was literally in one of those movie scenes when you're about to deliver your kid in the car!! My oldest daughter was crying in the back and covering her ears anytime I had a contraction. My younger one just kept repeating how I peed on the floor at home. Things were going pretty crazy!! My husband decided to drive on the emergency shoulder! We made it to the ER , they helped me out to the wheelchair and got me undress while pushing me through the halls into the triage. I could barely hold the baby inside of my body.... I remember nurses keep telling me to breathe a little longer so the  OB doctor could be in the room with me. As soon as he got into the door I pushed my son ... It took a one push!! He was perfect !! Very calm and quiet... Nurses kept reassuring me that it's because he came so quick. He was in shock himself!

My husband missed the delivery... He was with the girls parking the car.... He didn't have a chance to cut the umbilical cord and they all came to the room when I was holding Milo in my arms. My midwife appointment was at 11 am. Milo was born at 1:50 pm on Labor Day Weekend! The delivery department was talking about it for days...

It has been a year since Milo has join us. Over the last week I have been little emotional and kept thinking about how our life changed within that one year! Sometimes days feel SO long but years seem SO short! Even when dropping off Pola and Nella to school I keep going back to the days when he was just a few days old . Tears are coming up to my eyes when I think how he is changing into toddler. He is learning how to take steps, is climbing and talking more with each day. I'm looking forward to the changes but at the same time I'm clinging to him as a baby. I love our breastfeeding time but I am also thinking how eventually he needs to wean off of my breast.... Change is good but change is also hard! And knowing that it is possibly my last child makes things bittersweet!

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet Milo!!