Starting Fresh

It has been a loooooooong time ! Oh boy ! Somehow I completely neglected this space, It took me a little bit over an year (!!) to get back to it and to find a time to peek in here.

I can't tell why I took such a long break... There was no particular reason. Just a busy life of being a mother to three children. A lot of responsibilities and maybe not enough time to create/write and even read. But I'm getting there ! Slowly figuring out how to fit in some time just to myself and how to continue this little blog. So...Here we are ... July 25th 2016 with a little throw back to the biggest and most memorable moments of the past year.

We are now a family of five. In September 2015 I gave a birth to the sweetest baby boy- Milo. He made a quick entrance(2 pushes and he was out!) and has instantly lit up our world with his unconditional love. Life with three children is busy and interesting but in a good way. We've all had to adjust to a new situation. My husband is working a whole lot! Pola is very goofy and a super smartsecond grader and Nella became a big sister and a wild middle child at the same time. And I...? I am a stay-at-home mom by choice and with a few bumps here and there I have learned how to love it and don't go crazy while staying at home. So here ! A little update into our current situation. Enjoy the photos and look forward to more frequent stories on our family folklore.