Hello January!

It seems like I skipped entire season (* eye roll). And for notes sake it was a great one!! Autumn in Chicago was beautiful. We were lucky enough to enjoy warm weather till the end of November. Our annual Halloween parade was fun and fortunately both of the girls wanted to look like zombie princess' which wasn't difficult to make. The rest of the family went with the flow...even the baby. The Cubs won the world series and a few days after that, Donald Trump became next president. I took it really hard... Around Thanksgiving we finished our kitchen project and around the same time everyone in the house got pretty sick. We still enjoyed the holiday and the down time at home. December is usually full of celebrations. My birthday came and went, Nella turned 4 and my husband and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. Week by week got busier with baking endless numbers of cookies for friends and teachers . I managed to make some salt dough ornaments and dried oranges for garlands. I even donated some to the Christmas bazaar at the girl's school. We had a very nice, Polish Christmas Eve dinner with friends and a quiet Christmas Day at home. Throughout the whole season we watched all the classic Christmas movies and listened to a lot of good music. As of now we're enjoying our winter break. We're visiting museums and parks. Hanging out with different friends and enjoying pajama days at home. It is all good!

As the New Year approaches I reflect on 2016... My 2016... I'm staying away from the political situation in our country, and the world in general because...it was/is heartbreaking for me.  Even the number of great celebrities that passed away this year seems bigger then usual... But my little bubble, my everyday life with three children and a hard working husband stays constant. It gets hard, it gets crazy and sometimes difficult. It's also tiring because I'm doing it by myself a lot but I wouldn't change it for anything else in the world. I am so privilege to be staying at home with my kids. It has been a little over a year now and I am so happy to be the one who watches them grow and helps them develop their personalities. 

In the future, when going back to this year I want them to remember 2016 as the first year when we all got to learn how to be a family of five .