Fall Adventures.

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of the month! Where does the time go? Holy moly! At least I can say that we have been enjoying the amazing weather. It has been sunny and in the 70's through the most of the last week and the weekend. We were taking walks, riding bicycles, exploring different parks and the playgrounds. This Sunday we decided to take an advantage of the amazing weather and we headed to the apple orchard. The day was gorgeous! We picked a big bag of 'golden delicious' apples and searched for a perfect pumpkin. Apple picking resulted in my first ever apple pie. I made it today after our morning beach adventure. I will post the recipe I used tomorrow. The apple pie was beautiful and delicious. I was extremely proud of myself.

Yep! Today I ditched the work for a day at the beach with my daughters. We were there bright and early. A nice warm sand and sun to ourselves for at least an hour. Girls played with sticks and chased geese while I watched them from the distance. It is scary and difficult to believe that this could have been our last visit at the beach this still warm season. Chicago weather is so unpredictable. It 's better to enjoy the nice days while they last!