Summer Movie List

So it happened that this summer we had quite a few rainy afternoons and some beautiful warm summer nights. Because of that we had a chance to explore mostly the 80's movie department which means flicks from mine and my husband's childhood. How fun it is to go back to them with my daughters now! Nella is still too young for some of them and gets bored but she had lots of fun dancing to ' Girls just want to have fun' and Pola loved 'My girl' and 'The Karate Kid'.  And in a very sad coincidence we watched 'Jumanji' (here is the 80's exception) right around time when Robin Williams past away. He was a great part of every child's life when growing up in 80's. 'Hook' (another exception) found it's place on our summer movie list as well.

Here are some other titles :

  1. 'Ghostbusters' ( part I & II )
  2. 'Sixteen Candles'
  3. 'Pretty In Pink'
  4. 'Big Troubles In Little China'
  5. 'Romance In Stone'
  6. 'The Breakfast Club'
  7. 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'
  8. 'Legend'
  9. 'Adventures in Babysitting'
  10. 'The Muppets Take Manhattan'

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