Big #5

The end of June and beginning of July brings a lot of excitement into our household. Both, my husband and Pola are celebrating their birthday. This year we decided to throw a little party for the big five year old... Mostly because it was her golden birthday (as my husband calls it) and we wanted to make it special for her. Our celebration started on July 4th. We took it easy at home, grilled some delicious food in our tiny backyard and prepared for a movie night under the stars. When it got dark we took a stroll in the neighborhood to watch the fireworks and lit up some sparklers. Very enjoyable evening....

Five years have passed since she came to our life and I can't really remember how our life  looked before her. ..She is smart, compassionate, curious about the world and extremely caring. She is the best older sister and a great help at home. She enjoys baking, creepy shows and their odd characters. I know it sounds kind of crazy but she does.... At her birthday movie night she wanted to screen Tim Burton's movie 'Coraline' until I convinced her that it may be a little bizarre for her friends. That's just her style, she loves movies like 'The Nightmare before Christmas' and shows like 'Ruby Gloom' . She is a great dancing partner for her sister, has lots of good moves and shares in the music interest of her mommy and daddy . It is Raja's sidekick and my favorite gal.

Since she was born next to the 4th of July, her birthday has become a family tradition of genuine celebration. There's so much to summer to take in each year. With the birthdays, the festivals, the great weather, this is truly our time of the year to make beautiful memories as a family and this year has been no different .