Everyone Poops

Boy, oh boy! This is my third attempt at writing this post. Lets hope I won't accidently delete it or post it before it's finished and then start freaking out just like a few seconds ago...

At the beginning of this month I mentioned in one of my posts how we started the potty training of my youngest daughter who is now 18 months old. I thought this would be a good story to share since we are going to shop for big girl underwear this Friday. We are so proud of our little Nella!

First, we bought her a brand new potty. I think it was sometime in May. The one her sister used seemed too bulky and was taking too much space in our little bathroom. After that we searched for books about using the potty in Pola's little library and encouraged Nella  to sit on her brand new one and read them. We found few books and soon enough she got interested in the new routine and started to pee in the potty.

Her sister played a major role. Every time she had to go we would bring Nella and talk her through the process using her sister as an example. It has been a month and she is at the point now when she 'tells us' (she starts to complain about her tummy ) when she needs to go poopie and now she keeps her pull-up dry through the whole day... almost. There are exceptions when we are hanging out in the park or running errands for too long. It is pretty much our responsibility now to get into habit of taking her to the bathroom before we leave the house or even when we are out. That's why I'm thinking about getting one of those portable potties.

The plan is big but the ball is already rolling, so right now we are at the hardest step of getting her into underwear and making sure she stays dry. Good thing that it is summer and it will be easy to change her if accidents happen. We may even let her run just in undies if the weather cooperates. Keep your fingers crossed for our little munchkin as she turning into little girl.