On my mind

Oh boy! Long time no see! 6 days but to tell you the truth it doesn't even feels like it. A lot can happen in 6 days...And it did.

1. Both of my daughters got pretty sick and could pretty much eat only popsicles, ice cream or protein shakes made by my husband. They were grumpy, unhappy and slept poorly at night. But we survived that!                                                                                                                      PS: Popsicles or Italian Ice is extremely enjoyable when it's hot and humid outside!

2. We started to potty train N. and it's going surprisingly well. She suddenly became very interested in using it ( she even went poop a few times! ). We are so proud of her! She is doing a great job for an 18 month old little girl. I'm considering putting her in underwear this holiday weekend . We will be around the house a lot and I thought that maybe it would be a great time for a little potty boot camp. Why spend money on pull-ups?

3. This holiday weekend our sweet Pola will be celebrating her 5th birthday. My mind and time are preoccupied with preparing her party. We are planning a movie in the backyard, popcorn, hot dogs, cake and maybe some sparklers... Looking forward to it myself! Yay for big #5 !!

4. I started to play a bit  of a different role at my work and with excitement am trying to learn new ways around.  I also really enjoy the cooking class I began at my job for my little friends. A lot of interesting  conversations happens while cooking. Little people....they are fun!

5. We celebrated my husbands birthday.

6. I watched 'Her'-the latest Spike Jonzie movie yesterday and can't stop thinking about it. It was a good movie.

7. In not even  24 hours ago, my friend unexpectedly gave a birth to the most beautiful baby boy. I drove for two hours in traffic, listening to World Cup Game Belgium vs. US on radio just to meet him. Welcome to the world little fella! You will be sharing your birthday with my amazing husband which means you will be pretty amazing yourself !!

PS: What a game! What a game!... Little disappointed but also happy for US team! Good job getting this far and thank you for the excitement! Lets see what happens in Brazil next.

Happy Hump Day !!