This Movie.

Another random find... " Dallas Buyers Club ". You may think I live in a different world but honestly I haven't heard anything about this movie until I watched a very short preview night before I decided to rent it out. It just looked interesting to me...especially super skinny Matthew McConaughey . I wasn't even aware of how serious the story line was and that the actors playing main characters received the Oscars. Yep.... that's how little of Hollywood I follow...

It's a very-well-made movie, and McConaughey as Ron Woodroof, a Dallas man who contracts HIV in 1985 and Jared Leto (who plays a transgender woman named Rayon who partners with Woodroof) give great performances. Ron gives himself and other desperate sufferers a new lease on life by searching out alternative treatments—alternative to almost nothing, since the government and Big Pharma have barely begun a response to the AIDS plague. Then, reinventing himself as an entrepreneur in the AIDS underground, he sets up a club that allows members to buy drugs he has smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico and farther-flung sources. This classic tale of a little guy taking on giants benefits from being essentially true, and from accomplished filmmaking, but most of all from the beautiful vitality of Mr. McConaughey's performance.

In my opinion worth to watch .