Hello May !

I didn't even realized that it took me five days to get to my blog. The new month started off really busy for our family. I have been preoccupied with the Polish school where I teach. The school year is coming to it's end and I had to attend some meetings and grade papers. This past Saturday we celebrated the Polish Constitution Day and our school joined the polish parade in downtown Chicago. The weather was beautiful and my daughter Pola proudly waved her little Polish flag walking with the rest of the students.

We were also recovering from some sort of flu that doomed our house last week. Holy moly!! One by one we were getting sick and I think Pola suffered the most. Poor kiddo.

My husband has been busy preparing for his finals at school so my access to the computer was brief on some evenings . To my own joy, I instead caught up on my 'Mad Man' episodes from the previous season and the season that just started. Oh boy!! This show is SO good! I love everything about it and am surprise that they are ending it. My evenings with a glass of wine and Don Draper will be missed.

So...here is the short and simple update. I am excited about May. My plants sprouted out, neighborhood trees are blooming, festival season is starting and we have family coming to do some fun things with us this week. Hopefully we all stay healthy and the weather will cooperate with us.