Getting Back To Daily Routine

My family is gone and we are trying to get back on track with our daily activities. We had such a wonderful time together.  I think all of us were most excited for the kids to have a chance to play together and build their relationship. I remember spending time together with Krystian and his sister at exactly the same age as Pola and Aydin are right now. He was my favorite cousin and we still enjoy each other company in our thirties. It melted my heart to hear our kids conversations and watch them run all over the place with Nella trying to keep up. We definitely made some great memories !

We also had a chance to have some grown up time and explore Chicago by night...without kids. It was SO much fun to visit all the favorite little bars in our neighborhood. My husband and I used to be their regulars once... The California Clipper never disappoints! Great drinks and live music every Saturday and Friday. Bailey Dee and the Late Night Bait was a nice surprise to our Friday night visit. After that we headed to the Rainbow and Weegee's Lounge. Our last stop included some serious shuffle board competition and photo booth session. Just like the kiddos we made some fun memories...  Until next time !!