Sundays Adventures

I always look forward to the weekend with my husband and the girls. It's the simple moments of our time together that balance out the duties of a full and part time job.  The weekends bring out the joy to make it all work.

We were very productive this past weekend. We decided to do some spring cleaning, so we cleaned out our garage, and attacked our front and back yard clearing the late fall leaves hidden by the snow and prepped for some future gardening. We also ushered in our first BBQ, chalk drawings, bike riding, bubble blowing and digging in the sand/dirt. Simply the most enjoyable day you could ask for.  Grandma and grandpa visited and in the evening my husband and I had a chance to get out and a have few cocktails : ) and catch the new Wes Anderson movie "The Budapest Grand Hotel".  

Sundays are for exploring.....and baking... But for the first time since we started our baking tradition we couldn't fit it into our schedule. The weather was so nice that I couldn't resist and had to take the kiddos for a long walk. We headed out to Humboldt Park. I think it's one of the largest parks in Chicago. Lots of green space, playgrounds and old buildings. Pola wanted to explore the little beach there and run up and down the hill she usually sleds on during the winter. We had a really good time and it felt like my kids really needed all this space and freedom to run after all the days of being 'trapped' in the house.  Oh my dear Spring, it's good to see you.