Spring In the House

Oh boy...Where is that spring?! It just doesn't seem like it will ever warm up. I am getting inpatient and really would love to wear some shorts and spend some time diggin' in my back yard. We have a small space - typical for Chicago  - but I always say 'It's better then nothing '. It is enough back yard to have a sand box, table, chairs and grow some flowers or even tomatoes, herbs and jalapeño peppers for fresh pico de gayo. I am dreaming about growing some plants outside or even to start seedlings inside but it is still only 40' s outside. The weather is not cooperating.

To satisfy my 'green thumb' needs and add some spring feel to our house, I added some more succulents last weekend. My house is already full of plants as it is but with a new season I had to get few more and take care of my baby jade tree that accidentally grew out of broken leaves. My youngest one pulled some of the leaves off and I left them on the window bay. To my surprise they started to sprout... So exciting ! I am really hoping the weather changes so I can truly enjoy all of the plants as they grow.