Dealing with changes

Almost every evening I hold little Nella in my arms and watch her fall asleep. If it's a night when my husband is at school I also walk to Pola's bedroom, read to her in Polish, talk a little, pray and tuck her into bed.  Past few months I have been really holding into this precious moments more than usual. Raja calls me "sleep stalker" for no reason I guess...

It is hard for me to get use to the thought that my kids are getting bigger. Even though I don't nurse Nella anymore, I still love to hold her in my arms and have that special one on one time with her right before bed. It makes me sad to think that she won't be able to fit on my lap soon. I reflect with happiness upon the times when they were both tiny. When I could 'wear' them and hold onto them for most of the time. I loved nursing and I cling onto the memories of this intimate time more than other moments.

Nella is walking now. It is a fun stage too. It puts a smile on my face to watch her discover the world on her own and to hear her learn more words. What's this?  is her current favorite. She is a love bug.  She gives hugs and kisses to anybody. And Pola ... Wow !.. I mean being almost five is some serious business. She recently has been expanding her vocabulary with 'bad' words and she also informed us that she has a husband at school ... Life with her is extremely interesting and she knows how to keep us on our toes with some soul searching questions.

I guess as hard as it is to watch them grow I should enjoy every single moment of it. It shall pass very fast.