The Loving Story

About two weeks ago while having an evening to ourselves, my husband and I stumbled upon 'The Loving Story'  while in search for something to watch on Netflix. We had never heard anything about this documentary of the true love story between Mildred (who was part-black and part-Native American) and Richard Loving (who was white). The trials and              tribulations their relationship faced and the eventual change their marriage made was significant, especially when I reflect upon my own life. It is kind of interesting when I think about it now, considering the fact that our marriage is interracial... I guess I just have never put too much thought into it, especially coming from Poland and learning more details about the Civil Right Movement when already being married to Raja. It seems unreal to me that our marriage could once have been illegal  just like the marriage of Mildred and Richard ( it was declared illegal in 1958 by their home state of Virginia) . They refused to leave one another and with the help of The American Civil Liberties Union, they pursued their right to happiness. Their case made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court where, in 1967, it struck down laws against interracial marriage in this country once and for all.

To me 'The Loving Story'  is a journey into the heart of race relations in America. This great documentary, with it's contemporary parallels, will live on as proof of the fundamental change, not just in civil rights, but in the human right to pursue happiness regardless of color, gender or creed.

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Photographs by Grey Villet, 1965.