This Document.

Last Saturday I had an evening to myself. Actually... Two weeks ago. That's when I started this post but never got to fish it. My past week was all kind of crazy and I simply didn't have time and energy for putting my thoughts together. Anyway... My husband was out and girls went to sleep pretty early after fun but exhausting play date with our neighbors. I love nights like that. I usually treat myself to a nice bath, jump into cozy pj's and rope and watch some movie. I have a short list on Netflix and on evenings like that I look into it. Sometimes they are cheesy romantic comedies that my husband probably would hesitate watching with me and sometimes they are documents like 'Girl Rising' that caught my attention and have been waiting for a right moment to watch.

This moving and inspirational documentary film highlighted the lives of nine young girls around the world: Ruksana the Dreamer, Suma the Emancipated, Yasmin the Defender, Senna the Warrior, Azmera the Courageous, Amina the Hopeful, Wadley the Undaunted and Mariama the Catalyst. The 'Girl Rising' is beautifully done and sends a powerful message about the benefits of educating girls in developing countries. It features voices of some popular celebrities:  Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchet, Salma Hayek, Meryl Streep, Alicia Keyes and Kerry Washington and illustrates with vibrant colors and short animations the stories of challenges and success for each one of these young women. It exposes both the beauty and the dark obstacles each one has faced at the same time.
It’s main message, girls that get educated grow in better living situations, have the ability to care for themselves and their family and make a difference not only in their own life, but community and country. I feel like these days we are raising a generation of kids that don't understand the value of an education or that an education is a privilege not a right in many places. I loved this film! It had a clear message without being political. It gave statistics not opinion and it’s a great tribute to young women around the world.

PS: Just this week when I was about to finish this post, the very young girl Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize. She is another example of a very young woman fighting for the right of education of not just for the girls but for all the children around the world. Her life story is very interesting. When you have a minute do some research about her. It will be worth your time.