From the weekend.

My weekends are usually packed with work at the Polish school and all kinds of activities surrounding our household. With pretty much only one day off work I try to squeeze in as many things as I can. It usually involves cooking , baking, some cleaning and least but most important some family adventure.

This weekend I found out very randomly about Open House Chicago. Late Saturday night I was going though last month's 'Chicago' magazine and found an advertisement about this very awesome event. Open House Chicago is the marquee program of the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) and it inspires people to discover why design matters. Open House Chicago was an excellent opportunity to experience the city's diverse neighborhoods. With only one day left, I quickly rearranged my plans for Sunday and took our little family for an adventure. We first headed to Ravenswood to check out the 'Airstream' and later to West Rogers Park to take a nice walk around Indian Boundary Park with it's beautiful apartments, gardens and Moroccan style pools . It was a beautiful, sunny morning and we all had a wonderful time exploring our city. Can't wait for the next year. There are so many more places to discover!